Best Mesothelioma Lawyers

Best Mesothelioma Lawyers (National) | How to Select a Mesothelioma Attorney?

Read our comprehensive review of the best mesothelioma lawyers in the country.

If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and needs to speak to a lawyer, fill out a consultation form. A nationally recognized law firm will contact you to discuss your diagnosis and give you the guidance you need to get the justice you deserve.

Best Mesothelioma Lawyers

#1 Karst & Von Oiste

The national law firm Karst & Von Oiste is committed to providing financial compensation to victims of asbestos exposure and their families. They have a long history of providing substantial judgments and compromises to their clients suffering from mesothelioma and asbestos-related cancers, making them pioneers in such operations.

#2 Robert L. Steinberg

For Robert L. Steinberg, fighting mesothelioma is a personal matter because he has lost a loved one to this terrible disease. He understands how difficult this process is for patients and their families. In addition to his team, Mr. Steinberg advised and was co-responsible for $300 million surplus settlements for his mesothelioma clients.

#3 Martin & Jones

Attorneys at North Carolina’s Martin & Jones PLLC have been dedicated to helping individuals aNorth Carolina attorneys Martin & Jones PLLC have been committed to helping individuals and families since 1982. In addition to mesothelioma, they assist with all kinds of injuries and illnesses—including medical abuse—and have successfully represented individuals in lawsuits against 30 of the 100 greatest. companies in America. Their attorneys have assisted thousands of clients and won multiple settlements and judgments worth millions of dollars.

#4 Morgan & Morgan

Morgan & Morgan was founded by John Morgan in 1988. The company’s first office was in Orlando, Florida and consisted of three attorneys, paralegals and a receptionist. By 1992, the firm had expanded to include eight attorneys, ten paralegals and a senior support staff as it began focusing its practice on medical malpractice. In 1995, the firm grew to 25 attorneys and opened a second office in Tampa. In 1999, more than 40 lawyers and 40 Paralympians were employed by the company, which began to specialize in secret litigation.

#5 Weitz & Luxenburg

Weitz & Luxenburg’s first major legal success was winning a multi-million dollar penalty on behalf of 36 men who worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They have expanded since then. Today, Weitz & Luxenburg has more than 85 attorneys working in world-class facilities in New York. The law firm has evolved into one of the most comprehensive and resource-rich litigation firms in the country, with the ability to provide outstanding legal services across a wide range of practices.

#6 Cooney and Conway

Located in Chicago, Cooney and Conway were founded in 1958. Today, more than 20 Conway & Conway were founded in Chicago in 1958. Today more than 20 attorneys work at this location, all with years of successful litigation experience. Among their many successes on behalf of our clients, they have recorded multi-billion dollar settlements against Haliburton, Owens Corning Fiberglass, USA Gypsum, Armstrong and others.

#7 Brayton Purcell

For over 30 years, Brayton Purcell LLP has established itself as a leader in mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. They claim the cases are trying to convict more than anyone else. Nobody can match the expertise of his legal team, the ability to guide the case through the process, and most importantly, their experience helps clients recover financially, emotionally, and physically.

#8 Motley Rice

Founded in 2003, Motley Rice LLC is proud today to stand apart offering complex litigation, Founded in 2003, Motley Rice LLC prides itself on presenting itself today, offering complex litigation, litigation, resolution commitment and expertise across a variety of litigation areas. Some key records amount to a $500 million decision for asbestos victims and their families against the travel insurance company and the 9/11 lawsuits filed on behalf of more than 6,600 family members and survivors, including high-profile lawsuits. Motley and Rice work tirelessly to advocate for patients and their families.

#9 Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood

Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwod (abbreviated to Kazan Law) are nationally recognized pioneers in the asbestos process. Founded in 1974 and with 80 employees, including 25 highly qualified attorneys, Kazan Law has represented more than thousands of people suffering from asbestos-related illnesses, most notably mesothelioma. They are resourceful and limit the number of cases they receive to 25 per year, allowing them to provide exceptional representation to each patient and their families.

#10 Bergman Draper Ladenburg

Bergmann Draper Ladenberg has been around for over ten years. As a smaller and committed law firm, they are proud to dedicate their practice alone to helping families overcome the tragedy of mesothelioma. Their attorneys are nationally known for their work to protect the interests of asbestos victims in a series of insolvency proceedings involving some of the largest manufacturers of asbestos products. They have earned more than $700 million for their clients and are committed to helping patients and their families get the compensation and compassion they deserve.

How to Select a Mesothelioma Attorney?

  • Knowledge
  • Mesothelioma Experience
  • Responsive
  • Results Speak
  • Trust Your Instincts

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