Free Online Courses With Certificates

7 Free Online Courses With Certificates for 2022

What can be better than learning free online courses with certificates in this pandemic? You are not just making the best use of the time but also boosting your academic knowledge and professional skills with these online free courses.

In addition, you are making your resume heavier with a particular skill you have developed. Here we are mentioning several courses from different platforms. Choose any course that sense convenient and attractive for you.

Free Online Courses With Certificates

7 Free Online Courses With Certificates

1.  CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

Harvard CS50 is an online free course for students interested in the study of computer science. This course will aid you in developing the ability to determine problem solutions on your own algorithmically.

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The course contains real-world problems inspired by issues in finance, gaming, cryptography, forensics, biology, etc. You will also take part in research pertaining to learning by enrolling in this online course.

Key Topics

  • Get an introduction to computer science and programming
  • Getting connected to a vibrant learning community
  • Get your peers involved in the development and presentation of a programming project

2.  Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate

If you are IT enthusiastic, you can consider this course, which includes six-course certificates. Google mainly developed this course to learn about IT automation, Git, Python, etc., skills.

It builds a foundation for your career advancement. The materials presented here will teach you the basics of programming with Python and how the Automation of commonly used tasks in system administration can be done using Python.

Furthermore, you will get familiar with using Git and GitHub, debugging complex problems, and fixing problems quickly and efficiently. You will also learn how to automate a process with configuration management and cloud computing,

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Key Topics

  • Learn how Python scripts can help you automate tasks
  • Version control using Git and GitHub
  • Learn the management of IT resources, real machinery, and virtual equipment

3.  The Science of Well-Being

This course provides you with insights that help you to expand your own happiness. In addition, you can acquire the skills of developing healthy habits and increasing productivity. The course discusses misinterpretation about enjoyment, things that irritate our brain (this may lead us to consider our options more clearly), and the findings which aid us to change. Having finally decided to incorporate wellness activities into your lives to improve your wellbeing, you are ready to start.

Key Topics

  • Happiness myths
  • How is it that we always underestimate what makes us happy?
  • Why do we have biases?
  • What are the methods for improving our happiness?

4.  IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate course is an excellent class for beginners who want to learn about machine learning and data science. There are nine courses in the entire package of the course.

Throughout the course, you will learn the latest tools and skills needed for the job market. In addition to learning data science in an online course, you will practice it with real data sets in the IBM Cloud. Upon completing this course in Data science, make sure to create a portfolio of actual data science projects which will prepare you for the profession.

Key Topics

  • Data Science is what?
  • A bundle of tools for data analysis
  • Analyzing data scientifically

5.  Machine Learning

Computer science and artificial intelligence are related fields that deal with machine learning. This machine learning course focuses on superintended learning and unattended learning and gives an initial overview of machine learning.

 In addition, case studies and applications are discussed throughout the course. You will also get familiar with study audio data bank mining, creating intelligent robots, and medicinal information science, and so forth.

Key Topics

  • A brief overview of machine learning
  • Linear regression with one and several variables
  • Algebra Review

6.  Python for Everybody Specialization

Introductions to data science and machine learning often begin with a course on Python programming. Throughout the course, the basic Python programming language is explained for beginners. You can learn fundamental programming concepts from this course.

Key Topics

  • Networked application program interfaces
  • The basic techniques you can use to program using functions and loops
  • Fundamental programming concepts

7.  Web Applications For Everybody

If you are familiar with the basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, this course will benefit you. This Web App Development course is a great choice to begin learning about web applications. The Specialization will help you develop a collection of web apps to include in your developer portfolio. While completing assignments that require complicated web applications, you’ll illustrate basic concepts, like database design. You will learn all nuts and bolts about introduction to web application development.

Key Topics

  • Web application development
  • Relational Database
  • Modeling many-to-many relationships
  • Installing your development environment
  • An interactive PHP web application using JavaScript

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