Time Real Estate Agent With a Full-Time Job?

Part Time Real Estate Agent With a Full-Time Job?

Now that you understand the introductory way for getting a part- time agent, we ’ll cover the benefits and downsides of choosing this career as a side hustle. As we mentioned at the morning of this composition, there are numerous plus sides to taking on real estate as a side hustle.

Some of the factors that most frequently draw people to this field include-

Time Real Estate Agent With a Full-Time Job?

Extra Income-

The whole point of a alternate job is to make redundant income on the side, and working as a real estate agent clearly offers this occasion. Though we will bandy payment in further detail latterly on, the average part- time agent makes around$ per week according to ZipRecruiter. 

 Flexible Schedule-

Another huge benefit to the real estate profession is that, depending on your arrangement with your broker, you get to decide your schedule. Since you ’re setting up open houses and meetings with guests, you can decide if there are certain days and times that do n’t work for you, and these do n’t have to stay the same week to week. 

Expand Your Connections-

For those with an interest in entrepreneurship, getting a part- time real estate agent is the perfect occasion to expand your sphere of influence. As an agent, you ’ll be constantly networking and meeting new people, allowing you to forge precious connections in the community. 


 Time-Intensive-Like most jobs, you ’ll get out of this one what you put into it. The further time you spend forging connections and making deals, the further plutocrat you ’ll make. It can be delicate to balance your guests’ requirements and schedules around a full- time, 9-5 work schedule. 

Brokerages May be Limited-As we mentioned before, not all brokerages will be willing to hire part- timekeepers. Training up a newbie is time-ferocious, and all the more so if that newbie is only available for limited hours each week. That being said, you can clearly find brokerages that drink part- time agents, but it’ll make your hunt more delicate. 

 Strong Competition-In 2022, there was a record high of 1.39 million real estate agents in theU.S. When you ’re contending against full- time workers in a crowded request, effects are going to be more delicate for you as a part- timekeeper. It may be a while before you start to make up enough connections to see your work come to consummation. 

Can You Be a Part – Time Real Estate Agent With a Full-Time Job? 

 Yes, you absolutely can be a part- time real estate agent with a full- time job, as long as you employ excellent time operation chops and do n’t mind being busy. The most popular open house times are gloamings and weekends because utmost people looking to buy or rent a new home probably also work a 9-5 schedule. This is good news for part- time agents, as the meeting times that work stylish for your guests will also work stylish for you utmost of the time. 

 Still, being a real estate agent requires a lot further than just hosting open houses. Prospecting and lead generation are a huge part of the process; this isn’t a unresistant income sluice. Between probing, open houses, and your full- time job (not to mention other family and musketeers commitments) you presumably wo n’t have important free time if you embark on this career path. 

 Some people enjoy being busy and flourish in this life, but to make sure you ’re ready, ask yourself the following questions 

*While working 40 hours/ week, will I’ve the time and internal energy to succeed in mypre-licensing classes? 

*Will I’ve two to three hours to devote to open house showings every week? Will I’ve time to prepare for these events on the weekends? 

 Will I’ve the emotional bandwidth to constantly communicate with guests, implicit guests, and prospects? 

* Still, also read on to learn about what you ’ve been staying for the part- time agent payment, If you answered “ yes” to all of the below. 

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