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140 Sad Whatsapp Status in English and Hindi 2022

Sad Whatsapp Status in English and Hindi: Looking for Sad Status for Whatsapp? If you are sad mood now. Then this post dedicated to you. If you want to share your sad moments with your friends. Social media is the best way to share your sad feeling. You can share this Sad WhatsApp Status.

Here we have shared the top and best collections of Sad Whatsapp Status in English for you about Love, Emotion, Sad and more. So, let’s check below.

Sad Whatsapp Status
Sad Whatsapp Status

Best Sad Whatsapp Status 2021

1) When you start missing, you fall in love again.

2) In the end, we all regret the chances we didn’t take.

3) Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.

4) Don’t say goodbye. Goodbye is to leave, as to leave is to eventually forget.

5) Even the strongest feelings become void when disregarded and taken for granted.

6) Every person has a secret sorrow, which the world doesn’t know about.

7) “You loved so much even if you don’t see it.”

8) “Sometimes, you keep on waiting for that perfect day when everything is actually going to be ‘OKAY. “

9) “It’s hard to understand that being us in the past now. “

10) “I wish only if we could last a little longer. “

11) Feeling too much always ends in feeling nothing.

12) For the most part, it is by losing what we love that we learn how to appreciate them.

13) “World’s may say that it’s over but somewhere in the heart, a feeling called love was still there. “

14) “His heart became too fragile and deprived of happiness. I think that heart was thirsty and the thirst was of love “

15) “I don’t want anything but your trust. “

16) “You simply broke my trust in true love. “

17) “I wish one could understand that not everything we say is a lie. “

18) Different faces, different experiences, different monsters in this world.

18) Tears are words the heart can’t express.

19) Stop waiting for someone’s text.

Sad Whatsapp Status in English

20) If my Absence doesn’t affect you, then my presence has no meaning.

21) We all feel lost sometimes.

22) “Drowned in darkness, confined in pain.”

23) “Oh, how beautiful your eyes speak those lies!”

24) “Scared to fall in love. “

24) I always found the right one at the wrong time.

25) Out of all lies, you have said. It was my favorite.

26) I never stopped loving you, just stopped showing it.

27) I can feel you forgetting me.

28) Everyone goes through phases and all, don’t they?

29) The saddest thing is when you’re on the verge of breaking down, and you try to look for a shoulder to cry on, but there’s none.

30) Ultimately, we can only blame ourselves.

31) Unhappiness begins when one becomes too clingy and attached.

32) We create the shackles that we choose to wear in life.

33) We distance ourselves to keep the sadness away, but it also prevents the happiness from coming in.

34) Even when I was left all alone, I didn’t give up.

35) Feeling sad, but I still try to smile. That’s my life.

36) I need a break from my own thoughts.

37) “I guess broken pieces of glass hurt one badly and so does broken pieces of the human heart. “

38) “The worst part is time leaves forever but the pain it causes stays forever. “

39) “Taken. Taken for granted. “

40) Sorrow is like a precious treasure, shown only to friends.

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41) Nowadays, forever ends when you find someone better.

42) I want you to be FREE, but I can watch you SOAR away from me.

43) I’m invisible until someone needs me.

44) “Just to avoid getting hurt, he started living alone. “

45) “He is a prisoner of pain. The heavy chains of his broken heart never let him move on. “

46) “Every smile has a mystery behind. “

47) “Everyone has a story but my story left me. “

48) “Hugs and kisses are not enough if you don’t have the feeling of love and respect. “

49) “Just because I let you don’t mean I wanted to. “

50) Am I sad? Not really, but I feel quite empty.

51) Because when I sleep, the feelings of sadness, anger, and loneliness cease to exist.

52) Cry, not when the sun has set, for the tears will hinder you from seeing the stars.

53) I’m not okay, but it’s okay.

54) I’m that one friend who’s forgotten.

55) Just because I can carry my troubles well doesn’t mean I don’t feel the crushing weight.

56) Let the tears come and water your soul.

57) Memories hurt.

58) “I wish FOREVER meant same to you that it means to me.”

59) “There were days when she burnt her own heart for the sake of her loved ones and then a day arrived when her heart was nothing but just a pile of ashes”

60) Life is that boss of yours who gets you worked so hard but pays too little

Heart Broken Sad Status For WhatsApp

61) “I can’t stop loving you even after eternity. “

62) ”Only if I could get a mask to hide the pallor of the pain you gifted.”

63) ”Drowned in darkness, confined in pain”

64) My only wish right now is to fall asleep before I fall apart.

65) Neither friends nor enemies. Just strangers with some memories.

66) Never have I intended to give up on anyone. But there were some doleful times where I had to.

67) No more. I don’t want to think anymore.

68) No one cares anyway.

69) Crying is not a sign of weakness. Even strong people cry especially when they’ve been strong for too long.

70) Gloomy birds still sing.

71) Grief will always be the price we’ll pay for love.

72) Happiness makes one enjoy the music. Sadness, on the other hand, makes one understand the lyrics.

73) Happiness would be meaningless if sadness didn’t exist.

74) In certain instances, happy memories hurt the most.

75) Help me before my heart gets too cold.

76) Feeling too much! Everything just goes straight to my heart.

77) Getting flashbacks suck when they’re memories that you’ve always wanted to forget.

75) Have you ever cried after keeping in all your feelings for so long?

79) Letting go of the things you never had is actually the hardest thing to do.

80) Love is priceless, yet we often pay heavily for it.

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81) Moving on will never be easy.

82) Occasionally, we fall in love with people we can’t have.

83) One should not spend a lifetime waiting to start living.

84) Our eyes can speak. It is almost always futile to try and hide our feelings.

85) Sadness is like an ocean. Frequently, we drown. But sometimes, we are forced to swim.

86) Some people seem to get all the sunshine. And some, all the shade.

87) Someone who overthinks is someone who overloves.

88) Sure, closing your eyes will shut away the things that you don’t want to see. But, closing your heart doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything anymore.

88) Tears are words that the heart can’t say.

89) Hiding a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile.

88) How much more can I take?

89) I act like it isn’t a big deal, when really, I am breaking my heart.

90) I feel like I’m waiting for something that is never going to happen.

Sad Whatsapp Status For Boys

91) I hate that I’m still hoping.

92) I said I’m fine. But, am I really?

93) If only memories can be wiped as easily as tears.

94) In silence, no one answers.

95) It’s not like I can’t feel pain. It’s just that I can tolerate it much better.

96) It’s weird, but when I recall happy moments during my despairing moments, I get even sadder.

97) Keeping a lot to myself because it’s difficult to find people who understand.

98) Lord help my poor soul.

99) My mind is currently wandering in a dark and terrible place.

100) No one knows how much I cried that day.

101) Please don’t wake me up. I have a much better time when I’m asleep.

102) Please heal my wounded heart.

103) Promenading under the rain can be nice. After all, no one notices my tears.

104) Slowly fading away and no one is even noticing.

105) People always leave. Don’t get too attached.

106) Breathing is hard. When you cry so much, it makes you realize that breathing is hard.

107) I’m always where the sun doesn’t shine.

108) I pretend I’m not hurt, I walk about the world like I’m having fun.

109) On the shore of the wide world I stand alone.

110) With all the smiles you brought me I never thought that you could cause me so many tears.

Sad WhatsApp Status For Girls

111) Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us.

112) The flower bloomed and faded. The sun rose and sank. The lover loved and went.

113) Maybe it’s all gonna turn out all right. And I know that it’s not, but I have to believe that it is.

114) Trauma lives in the sea of my body, awash in the waters of forgetting.

115) We never taste happiness in perfection, our most fortunate successes are mixed with sadness.

116) It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.

117) Memories always win, and with them comes a demon that is even more terrifying than melancholy: remorse.

118) Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative you can get beyond your pain or negativity.

119) I don’t want to be overdramatic, but today felt like a hundred years in hell and the absolute worst day of my life.

120) I am on your side. But you have no way of knowing it because your heart is blind.

121) The word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

122) I don’t even remember why I’m wasting all these tears on you.

123) Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.

124) I’ve cried, and you’d think I’d be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine for the rest of my life.

125) You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.

126) If we must part forever, Give me but one kind word to think upon, And please myself with, while my heart’s breaking.

127) No, I may not be physically alone. But mentally, there is no one in sight.

128) Not good enough. Never good enough.

129) Off to world where there are no disappointments and no expectations. Just alone.

130) People leave me like I am never a reason to stay.

Sad Whatsapp Status in Hindi Font

131) बेवफा लोग बढ़ रहे हैं धीरे धीरे,
इक शहर अब इनका भी होना चाहिए…

132) आँखें थक गई है आसमान को देखते देखते
पर वो तारा नहीं टूटता ,जिसे देखकर तुम्हें मांग लूँ

133) रुठुंगा अगर तुजसे तो इस कदर रुठुंगा की ,,
ये तेरीे आँखे मेरी एक झलक को तरसेंगी !!

134) तुझसे अच्छे तो जख्म हैं मेरे ।
उतनी ही तकलीफ देते हैं जितनी बर्दास्त कर सकूँ

135) वो आज फिर से मिले अजनबी बनकर
और हमें आज फिर से मोहब्बत हो गयी

136) जो धड़कन की भाषा सुना करती थी
वो आज नहीं सुनती सिसकियाँ मेरी

137) सांसों में भी शामिल हो लहू में भी रवा हो
मगर मेरे हाथो की लकीरो मे कहा हो

138) सुनो कोई टूट रहा है तुम्हे एहसास दिलाते दिलाते
सीख भी जाओ किसी की चाहत की कदर करना

139) बंजर नहीं हूं मैं मुझमें बहुत सी नमी है….
दर्द बयां नही करता बस इतनी सी कमी है….

140) मैं आख़िर कौन सा मौसम तुम्हारे नाम कर देता
यहाँ हर एक मौसम को गुज़र जाने की जल्दी थी

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