What Jobs Can You get with a Business Management Degree

What Jobs Can You get with a Business Management Degree

Earning a Business Management degree can offer many career opportunities in many different industries. By researching potential jobs with a business management degree, you can determine if this is the right training program for you.

In this article, we will explain what a Business Management degree is, a Bachelor’s specialization, and the 1 in 24 career opportunities you can start with a Business Management degree.

What Jobs Can You get with a Business Management Degree

What is a Business Management Degree?

The Business Management degree teaches a variety of administrative, marketing, or even accounting tasks to work closely with a team and develop the skills necessary to successfully manage a business or organization. Company management may specify the following:

  • Collaboration in Business Management: A two-year program that teaches how an organization works and includes courses such as business law and ethics, marketing policy and project management.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: A four-year program that teaches general business management, including risk management and strategic management. Students in this program choose a specialization to focus on eg marketing, entrepreneurship or real estate.
  • MSc in Business Management: The two-year program offers advanced management and leadership courses along with selected specialists.

Business Degree specializations

Most entry-level business or corporate management positions favor a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite, but a master’s degree can be a competitive candidate depending on location, specialization and industry. There are a number of business degree specialists for you to choose to study, including:

  • Accounting
  • Industry
  • Financing
  • Human resources
  • Health care administration / management
  • International Trade
  • Marketing
  • Public administration

Take Advantage of Earning a Business Degree

Whether you are planning to earn a degree in business or business management as a student or as an employee to pursue a career, earning a degree has several benefits, including:

  • Opportunity to announce in a short time
  • Become a better and smarter leader
  • Pay is rising
  • Better understanding of strategies and actions
  • Easy transition to a new career
  • Increase your productivity and your staff
  • Develop specific skills relevant to many industries

10 Business Management Career

Here are 10 career options to consider if you have a business management degree with general responsibilities and an average salary:

#1 Client Service Guide

National Average Pay: $ 55,222 per year

Key responsibility: Customer service managers are responsible for the development and implementation of customer service practices and the training of staff to maintain established guidelines. They keep in touch with existing clients and discuss campaigns or projects that may interest them. Client Service Managers help clients solve problems and issues

#2 Seller Representative

National Average Salary: $ 59,594 per year

Primary responsibility: Sales representatives communicate with new or existing customers and discuss products or services that may interest them. They negotiate agreements and stay in touch with customers to ensure they are satisfied with the service. Sellers can also expect potential customers. Sometimes they act as customer service representatives and help customers with product questions or issues. Salespeople can work with individuals, businesses or other organizations.

#3 Project Manager

National Average Pay: $ 76,404

Primary responsibility: Project managers (PMs) organize, plan, manage and coordinate business projects and are responsible for all projects that meet the company’s time, budget and deadline. They are responsible for overseeing the team towards larger goals, planning meetings, problem solving and evaluating smaller goals and milestones.

#4 Office Manager

National Average Salary: $ 42,187 per year

Key Responsibilities: The Office Manager organizes business operations, procedures, and general supervision. They write the payroll and vote the requisitions. The head of the agency may have a management team that can assign and manage tasks. Office managers must be aware of the office environment and how other people interact with it.

#5 Human Resources Manager

Average salary in the USA: $69,206

Key Responsibilities: Human resource managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of recruiting, compensation, training, development, and administration. They are often responsible for finding and hiring employees, coordinating job interviews, and hiring new employees. Hiring managers manage payroll and benefits and may be responsible for incentive programs when offered by the company.

#6 Commercial Manager

Average salary in the USA: $63,999

Key Responsibilities: The Business Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing business operations, including assets, operations, and employees. Responsibilities vary by company size, but a business manager’s primary goals are to assess and resolve problems and implement business strategies for optimal business productivity and efficiency.

#7 Community leader

Median salary in the US: $47,173 per year

Key Responsibilities: A Community Leader helps organizations build and grow their online presence. They analyze online usage using analytics tools that look at what existing customers are saying about the business. Community leaders help create a strategic plan to start or increase the use of the online community through social media.

#8 Personal accountant

Median salary in the US: $51,109 per year

Key Responsibilities: The Human Resources Accountant is responsible for financial reporting, bookkeeping, general ledger, budget preparation and analysis, and general accounting. They can also prepare and settle invoices. Staff accountants develop and implement accounting policy procedures for an organization.

#9 Marketing Manager

Median salary in the US: $61,136 per year

Key Responsibilities: The CMO works with executives to develop their business strategy to drive more sales and customer engagement. They often analyze industry trend data related to the products or services their company offers. The Marketing Manager may oversee the team of marketing coordinators and help train and improve her team in the future.

#10 Logistics Manager

Median salary in the US: $61,227 per year

Main tasks: The logistics manager organizes the storage and distribution of goods. They coordinate the transportation of goods, warehouse management and the general flow of goods. Logistics managers are also responsible for material handling, customer service, and travel planning for warehouse staff. They can also ensure that employees follow basic safety procedures.

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